International Conference on Magnetic Resonance Microscopy

Invited Speakers

Erwin Hahn Lecturer

Eiichi Fukushima
Uncommon Journey Through the Land of Spins


Plenary Lecturer

R. Scott Hinks
GE Healthcare
Quantitative MR Evolution or Revolution?


Educational Speakers

Sarah Codd
Montana State University
NMR Basics, Imaging, Flow and Diffusion


Jeff Dunn
University of Calgary
A Hitchhikers Guide to Small Animal MRI/MRS


Andrew Webb
Leiden University
MR/MRI Hardware


Dimitrios Sakellariou
KU Leuven
Compact Magnetic Resonance Frontiers and Challenges


Invited Speakers

Mitch Albert
Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute
Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Hyperpolarized and Inert Gas Contrast Agents and Xenon Biosensor Molecular MRI


Peter Basser
National Institutes of Health
Microstructure and Microdynamic MRI


Melanie Britton
University of Birmingham
MRI of Electrochemical Systems: Batteries, Corrosion and Electroplating


Louis Bouchard
Breakdown of Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill Spin Echoes in Inhomogeneous Fields


Peter Caravan
Harvard University
MR and Multi-modal Contrast Agent Development


Mark Does
Vanderbilt University
MRI Characterization of White Matter in Rodent Brain


Edmund Fordham
Schlumberger Gould Research
Low-field MRI studies of Enhanced Oil Recovery processes


Paula Foster
Western University
Cell Tracking with MRI


Gillian Goward
McMaster University
In situ NMR Imaging of Ion Transport in Li-Ion Batteries


Gisela Guthausen
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
MRI of Macromolecular Filtration


Mick Mantle
University of Cambridge
Combining MRI with Other Imaging and Measurement Modalities: Applications to Pharmaceutical and Catalysis Research


Yang Xia
Oakland University
Complementary Imaging of Cartilage by μMRI, μCT, and Optical Microscopies