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   Citizens of some countries and territories require a visa to enter Canada, please visit the following site to see if you require a visa:


Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

   Visa-exempt foreign nationals require an eTA to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens, travelers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens and Canadian permanent residents, do not need to apply. For more information and to find out whether you will need to apply for an eTA, please visit:


Flights to Halifax

   One can travel to Halifax via a direct flight from London Heathrow, Glasgow, Frankfurt, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. Additional international connections may be made through Montreal or Toronto. Iceland Air also flies to Halifax from Iceland with European Connections.


Driving to Halifax

   If you are situated in New England and would prefer to drive, one can take a ferry ride from Portland, Maine to Nova Scotia The CAT ferry takes 5.5 hours to reach Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and houses a range of on-board amenities such as café, cafeteria, bar, movie room, children’s play area and gift shop. Yarmouth is an approximately 3-hour drive from Halifax. For more information on fares, schedule and more, please visit:


Travelling to and from the airport


   There are several options for travelling to and from the Halifax Stanfield International Airport and downtown Halifax.


By car:

   The airport is located approximately 30 to 45 minutes from downtown Halifax by car, depending on traffic. Exit the airport onto Highway 102 in the direction of Halifax. Follow the highway and keep left at the fork to continue on Highway 118. Follow signs for Dartmouth/Halifax via Bridges. Follow signs for the MacKay Bridge and highway 111. Please be advised this bridge has a $1 toll. Follow signs for Robie Street and proceed down Robie Street once you cross the bridge. Turn right onto Coburg Road or University avenue for Dalhousie University. Even better, turn on Google Maps or your GPS.

   Car rental from airport:


By shuttle:

   Airport Express offers transport to and from downtown Halifax and the airport. This shuttle service is strongly suggested. The airport express bus stops at a selection of Halifax hotels and Dalhousie University during the summer. The shuttle is scheduled to stop at the Lord Nelson Hotel as well as four locations on the Dalhousie campus including Shirreff Hall. If you require any additional stops on campus, please speak to the driver. Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted as payment, and tickets must be purchased in advance online or at the Ground Transportation Booth at the airport. One-way fare is $22 (incl. tax) and return-trip fare is $40 (incl. tax). To receive a 15% discount on the airport express, use the code ICMRM2017​. We suggest that you check the schedule in advance at:


By taxi:

   Taxi fare from the airport to downtown Halifax is $63 (including HST). This rate is approved and standardized across all taxi companies. Cost to travel to Dalhousie University is higher than fare to downtown. Please visit this link for more information on taxi travel to and from the airport, including the phone numbers of all vendors.

   Car rental from airport:


By bus:

   Metro Transit operates a bus service between downtown and the airport. The #320 bus operates every 30 minutes during peak morning (6am - 9am) and afternoon (3pm - 6pm) times. The regular schedule has buses depart every 60 minutes. Fares are $3.50 for adults/students and $2.75 for children/seniors. Exact fare is required. No change is given. For the bus schedule, please click here: Travel times to the city are lengthy, you have been warned.